At Christmas everyone would like to have the table beautifully decorated and colour-coordinated. If you are a creative person and have a few hours to spare, you can sew a placemat as a patchwork star or an original placemat for the coming Christmas season yourself.

Today we show you how to sew a patchwork star as a place mat for the dining table.

Tip: You can also use this place mat as a coaster for the following things.

Flower pots
Candle holder (as protection against wax stains)
cooking or baking containers (to protect the table from the heat)
Material and preparation
Level of difficulty 4/5
suitable for advanced learners

Material costs 1/5
0,5 m cotton costs approx. 5 – 10 €
0,5 m baby cord costs ca. 5 – 12 €

Time expenditure 3/5
2,5 h/Patchwork Star

For a patchwork star shaped placemat you need:

Classic sewing machine
2 different fabrics (cotton & baby cord)
Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
The material selection

You need at least 2 different substances.

We chose a cotton fabric with flowers and a baby cord in mint.

The amount of material

We need about 0.5 m of the cotton fabric and then we take our leftovers out of the cord, because we don’t need so much material. Now we cut 6 strips from the cotton, which are 2 x 20 cm and 6 matching diamonds. From the second fabric 12 strips in the size of 2 x 20 cm are cut, since our star consists of 6 teeth. You can choose the diamond size for your patchwork star individually or use the template of the following linked article as a rough orientation.

After we have finished sewing the front together, we will finally cut the back out of the cotton fabric.

Sew placemats
Sew place mat as patchwork star

Before we start sewing, place the six diamonds on the work surface. Then we take the first diamond and lay the first strip of cord right on right over the right edge.

Now we sew the two parts together with a simple straight stitch. When we are finished, we cut the strips so that the edges continue to run.

Next, cut off the strips so that the edges of the rhombus continue to run.

Now we sew the strips of cotton onto the strips of cord. Start at the right edge as before.

When we are finished, we sew two strips of cord onto the right and left edges.

Now our first diamond is ready. We repeat the whole process with all five other diamonds.

Now the finished diamonds are sewn together to form a star. We recommend sewing three diamonds together and the rest at the end.

Tip: Always sew the diamonds together from the centre.

Note: If you have plenty of time and desire, you can sew the back as well as the front.

Because it’s a place mat that’s on the table and nobody sees the back, we’ll just take the rest of the cotton. We put the finished front side on the fabric and use it as a pattern for our back side.

We cut the fabric to size and lay the fabrics right on right. Then sew the star all around with the simple straight stitch. Of course we leave a turning opening free.

Now we turn the fabric to the right and close the turning opening by hand so that the seam is not visible.

The place mat as sewn patchwork star is now ready!

quick guide
01. Cut the fabrics to size.
02. place the cord strip on the right edge of the first diamond.
03. sew on the strip and cut it off.
04. Place the second strip on the left edge of the diamond.
05. Sew on the strip and cut to size.
06. Place the cotton strip on the right edge of the diamond.
07. Sew the strip to the first strip and cut it off.
08. Place the cotton strip on the left edge of the diamond.
09. Sew the strip to the first strip and cut it off.
10. repeat with the cord strip.
11. Sew the five remaining diamonds in the same way.
12. Sew three finished diamonds together.
13. Sew all the diamonds together to form a star.
14. Cut the back to size.
15. Sew the front and back sides together and leave a turning opening free.
16. turn the work to the right.
17. close the turning opening by hand.

Have fun sewing!


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