The “Industrial Style” is enjoying increasing popularity. You don’t have to own a loft or expand a factory to bring this feeling into your own four walls. We show you how you can build your own bed with little effort from europallets. The rough charm, the upgraded old factories or completely gutted apartments, have to be made homely again and even comfortable is a claim of “Industrial Style”. This trend combines upcycling and DIY to achieve the greatest possible individualism. To make something new out of something old or to use things is what attracts many DIY enthusiasts again and again. Here we present you a bed made of Euro pallets – sleeping in industrial style.

Tools & Material
Euro pallets
Drilling machine / cordless screwdriver with wood drill
Grinding machine (orbital sander or random orbital sander)
Abrasive paper in various grit sizes
Screws with matching bits
Flat connectors and angle connectors
screw clamps
Wood sealing or varnish
Painter’s fleece or felt tape
Work protective equipment (gloves, respiratory protection, protective goggles, hearing protection)
Dustpan & Broom + Vacuum Cleaner
Saw (jigsaw, foxtail)
Large cardboard or blankets to underlay for assembly
At least one more person to hold

Slatted frame, mattress and possible decoration are not part of these instructions, here you can find the instructions for the bed frame made of Euro pallets.

The pallets
A standardized Euro pallet has the dimensions (according to DIN EN 13698-1) 120 x 80 cm with a height of 14.4 cm. In the meantime, DIY stores have also recognised that this is a very popular material and are now selling it for approx. 17 € per piece.
More favorably one comes in addition, over classified advertisements portals in the Internet or one asks companies in a trade area for old / used euro pallets, these costs then usually between 4 and 10 € per piece.

You should bear in mind that the pallets should be laid at least twice so that they do not lie on the ground immediately. Three layers would be optimal, so you can get about the height of a normal bed and get into and out of bed more comfortably later.

What to look out for?
The most convenient way is to buy standardized Euro pallets, as they are all the same size. These can be recognized by the mark “EUR” and “EPAL”. Euro pallets have the advantage that they are marked and you can see how they have been handled. Pay attention to the marking “HT” – this means that the Euro pallets have been heat-treated. Other methods of preserving Euro pallets and protecting them from pests would have been by chemical means, you certainly don’t want to put them on these pallets for the night.

One alternative (especially in terms of price) is disposable pallets. However, they are neither standardized in size nor in material. Here it can happen that you do not find two identical pallets. Who has a lot of time and a salesman with a lot of patience, can find very time-consuming his suitable pallets together cheaply, but will usually have to saw at the end still some right.

Take a close look at the pallets! Coarse dirt can easily be removed by the subsequent sanding work anyway. Make sure that the pallets are whole. Small irregularities, cracks, chipping are not so bad and will be repaired later anyway. However, if you discover oil or chemical residues on the pallet, you should distance yourself from them. The same goes for fresh traces of woodworms or similar insects. There should no longer be any bark on the wood, as vermin can also hide under it.

Make yourself a sketch
There are several ways to customize your vintage bedstead. You should know how much space you have and how much space you need.

Tip: If you are not sure, make a paper model.

You should keep this in mind:

Single bed or a double bed
width & length of slatted frame and mattress
The base frame made of Euro pallets should be at least as large as the required space for the slatted frame, but better still slightly larger. There are a lot of possibilities and variations how to put europallets together. We offer you 2 simple ways to build a bed out of europallets.

Variant 1: 2 x 2 m
You need at least four pallets, better eight – to get a little more distance to the ground.

Variant 2: 2.4 x 2.4 m
With 6 pallets, some connecting plate and a few screws the huge lying surface is ready. The easiest way to build a large bedstead out of europallets.

Variant 3: 1.6 x 2 m
Create a comfortable bed with 4 pallets and 2 mini bedside tables.

Variant 4: 2.07 x 2.4 m
With this variant you need 6 pallets per layer. Two of them have to be cut, but nothing has to be thrown away.

It is advisable to put the palettes together for testing purposes and to see how which palette works, fits together or whether there are unattractive places you would like to hide.

Make small marks on the underside to reconstruct the order and position later. No matter for which pattern or kind of combination of the pallets to a bed you have decided, the first step is the same for all of them:

It is best to do the sanding work outdoors, because a lot of dirt and dust is generated during this work. Always use respiratory protection and gloves. Work with different abrasive paper grains, start with the coarse one and then become finer and finer. In between you should brush and vacuum the pallets to get a clean result.

In any case, grind all visible areas thoroughly so that you do not injure yourself later and your bedding is not a pity. You can stop sanding if there are no more splinters sticking out of the wood and you can brush them over the smooth wood by hand without feeling any rough spots.

If space and “manpower” allow it, it is best to mount each individual layer in a different way first – it is better to get to all the places to be connected.

V1 – Square and Practical
Position the pallets as shown and each additional layer simply opposite each other. Connect the individual pallets on the underside with angle irons, mounting plates, flat irons and screws.

Tip: If you want to do without a slatted frame, you have to close the hole in the middle with some residual wood or the like, otherwise the mattress will sink into it and wear out more quickly.

V2 – The kingsize bed made of euro pallets
Here 3 pallets must be connected together on each of the 1.2 m sides, this is done twice and then the two sections are connected together. However, it must be sanded particularly thoroughly here, since later on the pallets look out on all sides.

V3 – Small but fine
On this model, two pallets must be connected on the short side and two pallets on the long side. Then both are assembled as if to form a bulky “T”.

Here you get a practical shelf for smartphones, jewellery or handkerchiefs to the left and right of the headboard.

V4 – The noble bed with extras
Saw through two of the pallets lengthwise next to the centre block. This leaves slightly more than half the width of the pallet and two feet. A whole, a “half” and a whole pallet come next to each other. The same again underneath. All parts must be connected conscientiously and stably with the appropriate metal sheets and screws.

If you want to build more than one layer you don’t have to turn the bottom layer after the assembly, but the second layer first. This will give you a larger opening at the bottom of the foot in which you can later place boxes. The same possibility also exists on the side, but here you have to saw through the edge strips on the underside of both pallets.

In order for the layers to sit firmly on top of each other, they must also be screwed together again. Although the pallets can hardly slip due to their own weight, you should nevertheless make sure that all parts are securely connected to each other.

From two of the cut parts you can easily build a bevelled headboard for the bed. Place the two pieces on the headboard and screw them together. If the transition is not completely correct, you can also cut or sand the corners.

Tip: Cover the remaining pieces with foam and cover with a large piece of material. Alternatively, you can also lay cushions here.

Painting or varnishing
In order to protect the wood from wear and tear, it should be sealed with a paint, oil or hard wax suitable for living rooms. If you don’t like the wood look, you can paint the bed frame very well. A protective layer should also seal the wood afterwards.

Tip: If the Euro pallet bed is not rustic enough for you, you can also burn the wood before sealing it. However, this should be done outdoors and with great care to avoid igniting any band. Brush off the wood once again and apply a little sandpaper to avoid the “smoke aroma” forever in the bedroom.

When the Euro pallet bed is ready
We recommend the use of a slatted frame, which will in any case protect the mattress, as the distances between the wooden slats do not provide sufficient stability.
In order to prevent the slatted frame from slipping, you can either clamp it with small wooden sticks or screw it directly to the underframe (it is better not to do this with expensive models).

Don’t throw anything away!
If you have got one or two more pallets in your offer to find the right one for you or if there is still something left after sawing, don’t throw it away. Even from the “leftovers” you can still make something. From the mini side table to the spice rack to the wine gas holder, there are many possibilities for further upcycling.


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